Your resource for complete steam, gas, liquid safety valve testing, repair, certification and new valves. We also supply new and refurbished safety and relief valves!

W.T. Bryan & Associates is a professional sales and service organization that is dedicated to providing their customers with products to improve their essential and critical process needs. Lets us provide your project with our next generation pumpsheat exchangers and mixers. Or, if needed, we have a wide range of material handing options, sampling systems, and milling equipment to choose from depending on your project costs and desired goals.

What can W.T. Bryan really do for me? Are you fed up with your diaphragm pumps like Wilden, ARO or Sandpiper? We can make a big difference by reducing repair costs and downtime. Maybe you have mixers like Chemineer, Lightnin or Philadelphia…if so we have the technical expertise to solve even your most challenging mixing needs. Are you not getting the customer service you deserve from De Deitrich or Pfaudler? Then we have the solution to your customer’s service needs and quality issues. Maybe your heat exchangers from Alpha Laval or Tranter are not meeting your service requirements…we can help! If you are using Flexicon, Hapman or any other bulk bag dischargers and conveyors…WTB has all the options you need.

We are technically driven and customer focused, W.T. Bryan & Associates continually seeks to improve their knowledge and technology to continue our mission into the future

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